Day 436-7 - The day of stupidity

1.0 in 9:46.
3.0 in 30:46.  The number three looks a lot like eight which is a great rationalization for running three instead of eight.  
The most important running aspect of today is the utter act of stupidity which I partook of.  There will be no more non-plans, and non-training.  I took my $100 and flushed it down the toilet.  I am now officially signed up for this.  Whose brilliant marketing plan involves people plunking copious amounts of cash so that they can endure pain and suffering for multiple hours?  And gets suckers like me to sign up for it?  Well thats it.  Its game on, long run throwdown, gonna git' ya suckahs, go time!  At least until tomorrow, when I quit.  Yeah baby.  Get some marathon thang!


Marcy said…
CONGRATS!! WHOOOOO HOOO!! Get to it baby!
Vava said…
Are you doing the full marathon?!?!

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