Day 445-447

Slowness.  Lentement.  Proceeding without haste.  These are all me.  I have this thing.  The marathon has a time limit of six hours.  I would really like to finish before that time expires (and before I do as well.)  I wasn't really worried about this until my last long run which due to some gravel and some extended rest breaks, and oh yeah a plodding pace that saw me passed by fast-growing weeds I have some doubt in my mind.  Originally I was thinking more like 5-5:15 with the crazy possiblity, if there were some gale force winds that literally picked me up and flew me down the course, I might be under five hours.  Its not beating Oprah, but hey its still mostly running.  Then there was this ridiculousness of 3:15 for 14 miles and change.  I know it was somewhat of an aberration, (abomination is the correct term for the mental image of the stooping) and I shouldn't worry, but there is the baring of my inner soul of turmoil and anxiety.    Time to embrace the challenge and go do some track repeats.  Maybe like 10x 2 meters with  forty minutes on the couch in between?  Something like that?  I'm in.

445 1.0 in 11:05
446 6.2 in 66:48
447 2.35 in 26:01


Moriah said…
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Moriah said…
I have faith that you will be well under the time.
Vava said…
I like the sound of those intervals. Yasso 800s be damned!

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