Day 457-460

Time is flying by.  After the delirium of having a blog link to mine, I had to rest and recover.  Resting doesn't mean not running, it just means, oh hey its been a week since I posted, oh yeah.

There were some one milers and a disgusting eight miler on the treadmill during which I felt like quitting after the first five steps.  And every five steps afterwards.  

There is one more week of marathon training buildup, after which if I survive then the mileage can start dropping to only semi-insane levels.  I haven't followed the plan to the letter of the law, but I am still running.  Such is my mantra,  "Just keep running."  Many times the running resembles crawling on hands and knees, but there is forward progress.  Except when I keep getting rocks in my annoying is that.

457 1.0 in 10:42
458 8.0 in 99:12
459 1.0 in 11:56
460 1.0 in 9:43


joyRuN said…
That's a whole lot of five steps to get to 8 miles! I don't think I would've made it.

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