Day 461-464 - Running home

Following the lead of the illustrious Vava on the point to point long runs, I initiated one this last Sunday.  There is a town near ours (ok is 16 miles away really near?) that I decided I'm just going to drive out there and run home, and then convince myself to run two more miles in order to do the whole 18 miler.  I figured the whole, horse goes faster going back to the barn speed/motivation might kick in.  I hadn't done the whole hide water/gatorade thing along the course but I gave it a try.  I liked the planning.  I liked seeing my route stretch across the gmaps view.  I didn't like that it was snowing and 20 degrees when I started at 4pm.  I didn't like it when I realized five minutes in that I was way underdressed for the 20-25 mph winds whipping across the plains.  Likes/dislikes there ya go.  The trail I was running on was really rather nice except for the four-five two foot snow drifts that I had to plunge through.  Teh wifey and kids aka the best support team on the planet actually went and BOUGHT me a sweatshirt and brought some amazing encouragement so that I wasn't entirely frozen by the time I got home and I had some energy to keep going (respectively :).  

It was a little strange motivation wise.  One of the things I kept thinking about to keep me going was "Hey when I get home I'm putting on my blog/twitter/facebook/socialnetworkingpukage that I ran home from this town!"   Is that odd to spend four hours thinking about what you are going to post?  

Yeah four hours.  For 18.0 miles.  This is not good.  Especially considering I felt like I took very few walking breaks.  I did sort of sprain/tweak my ankle about five miles in.  I think I had been making fairly decent (all relative) time for me up until that point.  After that I wound up running on the wrong side of the road because the opposite slope of the road somehow eased the pain of continuing to plod on.  I know I'm not going to get much faster between now and the race (3.5 weeks away) but seriously, MARIO LOPEZ IS GOING DOWN!!!!  I really have nothing personal against Monsieur Lopez (OK there was the whole afront to society in the form of his "acting") and I apologize if you are president of the local chapter of "Fans of Actors who randomly rip their shirt off to distract you from their complete lack of acting ability Fan Club" but I need an antagonist to my story.  I need a focus for my marathon rage.  When I bust out the "check it fools" posts, there needs to be a target, thus I choose Mario.  Mario prepared to be pwn3d...
(This means I need to be an electrifying 5:41 marathon time)

(How did I go from horses and barns to calling out AC Slater?)

461 - 18.0 in 240:00
462 - 1.0 in 13:06
463 - 1.0 in 11:45
464 - 1.0 in 10:55


Vava said…
Man, I have been away too long! Sorry, and thanks for the shout out.

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