Day 469 - Mario Lopez is laughing at me

/puke That might be the most distasteful thing I've ever done on the internet.  I was searching for a humorous picture of Monsieur Lopez.  I'm sure I hit all the gay pr0n filters that exist seeing as there are no pics of him with his clothes on.  Unnngh I'm going to be sick.

Anyway, 20 miler!  Right.  So chugging 48 oz of gatorade at the beginning of a long run is not a good idea.    This I have learned (Thats a long story.)   Also expecting a liquid belt that costs $9 from Wally World to last more than ten steps (literally) is also not a good idea.  *sigh*  Here is the summary:

I ran home from work!  Its not exactly 20 miles so I took the scenic route and did the Tour of Colorado Springs....

Hour one:  Feeling good, going way too fast on a slightly downhill course, carrying bottles in your hands doesn't help my wondrous running form
Hour two: Good googly why does it feel like the entire Indian ocean is inside my stomach.  took a wrong turn, added 1.5 miles, yeah!
Hour three: Oh no the Double D train is rocketing down the G.I. and I'm running on busy streets, will I get arrested for stooping on the sidewalk?  I'm walking way too much, but the alternative is less desirable
Hour four:  still lots of walking. walking hurts more than running. totally out of gas.
Hour five: I was supposed to be done.  Its getting dark.  Want to be done.

So I finished in 5:04:00.  Probably wound up doing 1.5-2 hours worth of walking.  This does not help your time.

I was struggling with the time thing quite a bit.  I was imagining Mario telling me he could stop for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and his 5:41 marathon time would still be safe from me.  I was also pretty dejected about the walking and blah blah blah SNAP  That is "teh wifey"/coach snapping me out of my introspective/perfectionistic/funk.  She gave me the perfect advice of having fun, realizing there are many things with the marathon that are totally out of your control, and stop worrying about time or you will miss the experience.  Yeah I know she is the best "teh wifey"/coach ever.

21.5 miles in a whole lot (5:04), but hey I did it.  468 days ago, doing something like this would have been unthinkable.  Mario, you can still stick it.


try running said…
Seriously. 5 hours. This man is ready to run this thing.

Always talking about not doing it. It's crazy! No! Nope! Not happenin'!
These were phrases he used to say almost as a knee jerk, rapid response reflex. And now 21.5 miles.

With all the adrenaline on race day (and a stomach not filled with the Indian Ocean) you'll cut that per mile pace way below Mario's.

On the off chance that Mr. Lopez is present on race day, you might want to have a few choice words at the ready. Perhaps "Ummm. Just because you are Mario Lopez doesn't mean that you can just flex and magically beat me in the marathon! Sucka!"

I threw in that "sucka!" so you could more easily imagine yourself saying it to his face.
Marcy said…
Mario Lopez is such a tool. I've said this before, right? I HATE THAT MAN! I hope you're reading Mario! He is such a big jar of Velveeta *puke*

Anyway there is NOTHING wrong with walking! I walked a lot during the marathon as well. Who cares! Have fun! (well as much fun as you can have while running for that long LOL)
joyRuN said…
Excellent getting that done! And it's a good thing you figured out the Gatorade issue now than at the marathon :)

Mario Lopez is naaassssty.
Vava said…
Wow, that is a long long long run indeed! Congratulations.

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