Day 470-471

So running after the long run is...a bit painful and very slow.  But the runs are done.  

The descent in distances until May 3rd has begun, and I'm rather happy about that.  Less limping throughout the day is good.  

Its funny how quickly you forget about the pain and suffering of the long run.  Even the day after I caught myself thinking, "well that wasn't too bad, I could go that far again."  Is that like nutso or what?  

470 1.0 in 13:14
471 1.0 in 12:12

I guess I should have thrown on an extra .5 miles as then I would have had my first ever 40 mile week....


Marcy said…
Nope not nutso at all :-)
joyRuN said…
40-mile week? I don't think I've hit that with either of my training cycles. I'm lazy that way ;)
Vava said…
I've never had a 40 mile week. 40k, maybe, but never 40 miles. Nice work!

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