Day 473-475 I just ran a 5-k "hovering around" eight minutes

OK right so its time to step up some of my Mario Lopez smack.  Less than two weeks to go now till the marathon of pain (because I'm supposed to run.)  I'm looking for some more info on the shirtless wonder and I find his "I'm a Runner" feature in the Runner's World archives.  Here are some highlights for you.

Tell us about running Boston.
I ran the Boston Marathon in 2002 for a charity called the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. I nearly didn't do it because I hurt my ankle a couple weeks before the race. But I just taped it up and gutted through it. I ran it with my then-girlfriend, who wanted me to stay with her, and she kept stopping and starting. It was a really leisurely race. We even stopped for lunch. So my time wasn't fast, 
hovering around five hours. I've done a bunch of half marathons since, and I'd love to do another marathon, like the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon in San Diego, my hometown, or one in LA, where I live now. But my schedule always seems to get in the way.

Hovering around five hours??  Uhhhhh final finish time for Mr. Lopez was 5:41:41.  Right.  Thus my title of running a 5-k "hovering around" eight minutes.  I guess we have to allow some give or take right?  Then there's the fact that he spends the vast majority of time making excuses.  
Shall we count?  
Hurt ankle - check 
Taped the ankle up - check
Ex-girlfriend slowing me down - check
She was really slow and kept stopping - check 
Stopped for lunch.  Stopped for lunch?  Schnikes!  check.  
Lie about finishing time - check  
Mention a whole lot of races that were sooooo much better, but I won't tell you which ones 'cus you might check the times, check
I'd love to soooo beat that time, but you know I'm busy and stuff - check.

Seriously.  When I finish in nine hours and the finish line is packed up and gone when I get there, I will be taking RESPONSIBILITY.  I will own that sucker.  No excuses.  I will be reveling some sweet marathon finishing lactic acid.  And I won't be packing a picnic basket either.

473 - 1.0 in 11:42
474 - 3.25  in 35:25
475 - 10.0 in 2:02  (I may have uttered the words, "Hey that was easy!"  shhh don't tell anyone.)

Last ten miler, nothing more than five miles or less!  Woo hoo.  I'm lovin' it.  

Just found this guy who apparently loves the Mario smack....


Razz said…
damnit! I forgot to stop for lunch during my marathon. yet another goal to build in for the next one.
Unknown said…
I remember seeing Mario Lopez in that Runner's World when it came out and thinking "around 5 hours? Pu**y." Heh. And who treats The Boston Marathon like a stroll in the park? How many people who would have killed for his (and his girlfriend's) spot now hate him forever?
Vava said…
Hilarious! I guess I can say that I am hovering around being "uninjured" as well! Guess I don't include enough lunches in my training runs.

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