Hey here's a news flash, for those of you who may just be joining us or for those not paying attention -- I'm not fast. No really, its true. Some peeps who were checking out the site for the first time were making kidding comments about running a mile in 11:42. (Apparently they didn't see where I ran one in 13:42 or higher while I had a back injury, then I really would have heard it :) I'm sure to most reasonable people that is slow. Guess what, it is what it is. If I waddle, then I waddle. If I plod, then I plod. If I make Mario Lopez look like Usain Bolt, fine. I'm still running. I would clearly be disqualified from the professional race-walk competitions for running, so to me it counts. It may take me multiple days to finish the marathon, but I plan on finishing. If you can walk a mile faster than I run one, great, go do it, good for you! I never claimed to be training for the Olympics, or even for this..(though it does get good news coverage)
I'm just running. Every day. For a while. Ok /end rant. Picked up a cold yesterday, and a sore back today to complete the mix, so I'm probably in a generally agitated state. My apologies.

Day 476 1.0 in 10:13
Day 477 1.0 in 9:36


joyRuN said…
You have a way better perspective than me.

I go compare my times at Athlinks & get all depressed, taking all the fun outta the whole running thing. Defeats the whole purpose of getting out there to begin with, no?

You keep running!
X-Country2 said…
Fast or slow, you're doing it! Good for you. Great attitude. :o)
try running said…
Dood. none of us are running 2:09 marathons, so NO ONE should be bragging about how fast they are running or defining fast, slow, medium.
One can get enough of that reading youtube running video comments. Very annoying. Almost more annoying than Mr. Lopez's excusesm which is saying something
Vava said…
I guess I'm one of those who has been away just long enough to have missed the insults. How dare they! That's just rude. Have they run (no matter at what speed) every single day for well over a year?

Didn't think so.

And to answer your question from my blog (thanks for the comment!) I am studying for CIPP/C certification - Certified Information Privacy Professional/Canada.

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