Day 478 - 480 I blame it on the Madness

The Taper madness that is.  Sorry for taking to task those who were checking out the blog and having fun with me.  I know it was all in good fun, I was just being overly "senSHUHtive."  I blame it on the sickenss/plague I've been infected with lately and this taper business.  

I'm not the type who will argue with anyone about running LESS.  I need no encouragement for that for sure, but the whole "taper"does sort of drive me crazy.  Mostly because there is part of my brain that says, "Hey you haven't run more than a few miles in a long time now, your endurance is gone!!!  You will die after mile one of the marathon AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA (in an evil maniacal voice.)"  I know that isn't true, (I'm sure I can make it to mile two) and this is like the last thing I ever thought I would say, but its everything I can do to not go bust out a ten miler.  Is this normal?  Yeesh.

P.S.  Running while sick, is not fun.  Its one of the worst parts of this running every day thing.  My positive spin on it is that at least I'll be over it and done when the marathon hits...nine days to go...

Day 478 - 1.0 in 10:43
Day 479 - 1.0 in 10:22
Day 480 - 2.35 in 24:10.


Moriah said…
Ten Miler???!!! You'd better not! Your "Coach" would kill you. Everyday (run)is a gift, and you are investing yours wisely.
try running said…
Wait, does this mean that the streak will be done after the marathon? probably not, but it sounded like that's what you were saying.

I think streakrun needs a post about your race day plans/superstitions/first thing you will do once you have run a marathon
Marcy said…
9 days?!?! Dannnggg! This baby is coming up fast!
Vava said…
Ace: To answer your question, Yes, I do work in Privacy and Information Management, which includes information classification and security. And any PIPEDA questions, send them along!

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