Day 481-483 Really Big Hair x8

I saw someone reference this song, and it brought back some memories.  Like the ridiculous number of times I played this as a geek in pep band in high screwl.  It does thematically relate to the blog as the final countdown is on!  Six days, and I think it's strategy time.

The game plan for the marathon.  What should it be?  I could go with A) Start slow and gradually get slower.  B) Start slower and keep the slow pace.  C) sell the race registration on ebay.  Your thoughts?  Seriously, most of the advice I see is to try and keep it slow (yeah I know, its a relative term) in the first part with the idea of keeping some energy to survive the last part.  Then there is the alternative school of thought which is, you're going to be in pain and agony during the last part regardless of what you do, so you should go with the faster, semi-slow pace to get through some miles more quickly.  What are your thoughts marathon vets, running scientists, and doooods sitting on the couch?  

Had a five miler on Sunday that I was pretty excited about.  Hilly course, in some serious wind but managed to crank out a 5 miler in 49:30.  That for me is, as my six year old would say, "Rolling with Smoke."  (a combination of on a roll, and smokin'!)  I actually felt like I was more in shape today than I was 483 days of running ago...Its a nice feeling.

Lastly I was tagged!!! Right so I know I'm sort of anti-social, and my social networking includes using pseudonyms on facebook, but I've never been tagged before.  I'm a little giddy, and feel very warm and fuzzy, so it may affect my answers....

8 Things I Did Yesterday
  1. Ran (may have happened once or twice before)
  2. Taught a class that involved the Family Feud
  3. Gave marriage advice (whoah!)
  4. Played a game with my technologically savant six year old (dadhood is teh awesome)
  5. Held the hand of the best wifey in the world
  6. Made up a song to the tune of "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" with all of my kids, there were some dance moves busted out
  7. Went to bed early (coach's orders)
  8. Had a great day at church

8 Things I Wish I Could Do/Want to Do

  1. Run a marathon faster than Mario Lopez
  2. Make decisions in seven breaths or less (follow the  Bushido)
  3. Do more than one pushup at a time
  4. Fly a plane
  5. Help George Lucas write the next series of Star Wars movies
  6. Read more books
  7. Hang out with the clan more often
  8. Figure out what I want to do when I grow up

8 Shows I Watch

  1. Lost
  2. Man vs Food  FTW!
  3. The Unit
  4. Sportscenter
  5. Premiere League Soccer on FSC
  6. Heroes when it comes out on DVD
  7. The Guild
  8. Seekers

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To

  1. Being done with the marathon
  2. Being on the US Running Streak active list
  3. See teh wifey qualify for Boston
  4. Seeing my sis run a half marathon in a few days!
  5. vacation, any will do
  6. learning something new, anything
  7. coming home to the fam, tonight (can you tell I like them?)
  8. watching Seekers II, the Search for mo' money

8 Things I Want to Know More About: Tag You're It!

  1. Try Running
  2. Soli Deo Gloria
  3. Moriah
  4. Vava
  5. Anyone else who would like to be tagged?
I won't be offended if any of you refuse... :)  

Day 481 1.0 in 10:12

Day 482 5.0 in 49:30

Day 483 1.0 in 12:10


try running said…
Wow. Those are shows you watch. As in, present tense.
I couldn't stop laughing for a little while.

I think it's good that you watch that movie while at the same time are wanting to figure out what to be when you grow up. There is a lot of wisdom in that film. Everyone is seeking similar things, going through similar struggles. I think, in the Search for mo money, Ken should be training for a marathon. I think it's that endurance that gives him the stamina to foil Rodney's plans.
Marcy said…
Go slow and stay slow and take walk breaks BEFORE you think you're gonna need them. I think the walk break thing was the best advice I ever got. Started out too fast for the first 13 and then probably would have died and had to crawl to the finish had I not done the walk breakys from mi 13 on.

Now go kick Mario Lopez's a$$!!
joyRuN said…
Start SLOW. I made that mistake my first marathon - I crashed & burned by mile 18.

So this time around, I'm going to try & run at my easy LSD pace for the first 5K then slowly pick it up from there.

Thanks for playing along ;)
try running said…
oh, and ya. Go with the starting so slow you can't even believe that the pace will get you to the end.
I think the adrenaline at the beginning just messes with your mind and you feel like you are running the right pace but you get to mile one and you are 2 min/mile faster than you should be. Then you'll try and slow down and get to mile two and you are 1 min/mile faster than you should be.
Next think you know, severe, motivation-zapping pain. The kind of pain that makes you start thinking things like "Oh, that Mario is really a nice guy. I shouldn't have said anything, in fact, I want nothing more that to keep slowing down so that I don't beat his time." I wouldn't wish that kind of pain on anyone.

Maybe that was just me. And just me running the only half marathon I have ever run. I probably shouldn't be giving marathon running advice, since I haven't run one, but It just amazed me how long the last couple of miles of a race can feel when I went out even a little too fast.
Moriah said…
Faster is better. The pain will arrive eventually. The farther you get before it does the better. Run to it!!!! Did I say that out loud? :) Really, take it easy. It will pay off in the end (at least that is what I've been told. I've never tried it:)
X-Country2 said…
Start slower than you think you should. The excitment of the start will make you want to dart out, but it's a bad idea. :o)

Good luck!

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