Day 484-485 - Too much thinking

The obsession which is running.  Hmmm.  Four days to go.  I'm not sure what to even think.  Really I think, its not a big deal.  Lots of people do it.  Lots of people do it a lot faster than you will.  You've already done 20+ mile training run(s) so big whoop. Thats me downplaying everything as usual.

Then I think, will this be fun?  Will this just hurt a lot?  What will it be like?  Is the Double D going to hit at an inopportune time?  Will I even care? 

I don't generally ask if I will make it.  This is probably because I've already visualized me crawling for 20+ miles over the course of two days just to finish.  I will want to quit, but seeing as the fam will be waiting, and I don't care for the "quit" label much there really is no option.  I know it could happen outside of my control, but I'm not allowing that thought into my mind.  Broken leg, utter exhaustion, stomach volcano, these will not be the cause of stopping, or so I have decided.  You know, while I'm not actually running.

I'm reading all these marathon stories, and mostly I just think about what it will be like.  Is it all just craziness?  Probably.

Day 484 - 1.0 in 11:52
Day 485 - 1.1 in 11:42

Or then there is the race report of the "bandit" who finished last in the Boston Marathon.  9 hours and 40 minutes.  I'm hoping to beat that time....p.s. I think bandits are lame.

His quotes:  "I'm pretty sure that by the time I finished, the Kenyans were already back in Africa celebrating.  "

Finally, there may be some hope for a new category at Boston....


joyRuN said…
Enjoy the taper madness, & enjoy your marathon. It's all you :)
joyRuN said…
Marcy said…
It's only fun if you think its going to be fun. Really . . .enjoy!! ;D ;D
X-Country2 said…
The actual marathon is the victory lap. :o) GOOD LUCK!

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