Day 497-498 - I'm a Boston Qualifier!

I'm really psyched, as I just found out that my marathon time was fast enough to qualify me for the Boston Marathon. Woo hoo!

That is, my time would qualify me if I was a woman over the age of 80. uhhh yeah about that.

I really enjoy making fun of my own slowness, its sort of a sport that I'm actually good at. However I do also have a competitive streak, which is probably why sticking it to Mario Lopez and laying the smack down on Big Al appeals to me so much.

May I enjoin you in a moment of philosophical meandering? I've been thinking about the significance of having a running streak, and what it actually means. My summary of thought is this; it means something to me, and that is enough. There have been times when I caught myself thinking, "I want to do this because this seems cool, or it might mean something to someone else." However the thing that ultimately keeps me doing it is the same reason that I started doing it, which is: I want to change things about myself, and I want to do something, that for me, seems really ridiculously hard. (Challenge!) I'm sure all runners have that internal dialogue to some degree. "Should I? or Shouldn't I?" The people on the sidelines who might say "you're running is amazing" "Or you're running? That is stupid I would never do that" aren't on the five mile course at midnight in the middle of winter. Its just you. Its just you getting up at the crack of dawn to go beat the streets and beat your body into submission. No cheering fans on those runs eh? For those that encourage us, and those who have been a source of support, we, I, say a HUGE thank you, of course. (Looking at you "teh wifey") However, ultimately you make the decision, does this mean something to me? Is it worth it?

At this point running every day doesn't seem like much of a challenge anymore. (Though I know it could end any day, outside of my control.) And as I look at about twenty-thirty running blogs about streaks, I'm tempted to tell myself, "You? you're no big deal. This running thing? Boom! Outta here." (Especially when I read about the guy who is joggling during his running streak. That is reee-DONK-ulous.) However, when you sweep aside all the peripheral stuff, it does mean something to me.

I may stop at 500 days. I may keep going. I may pick a new goal which seems impossibly hard to me. The value, at least in terms of my own self-development and setting goals and achieving them is intact despite any outside perspectives or judgments. Serving that fickle master (external value, feedback, opinions) will only lead to disappointment. Today I asked my self that question, is it worth it? My response? Lace 'em up.

/end philosophy rant to self.

Day 497 1.0 in 1052
Day 498 1.0 in 9:56
Knee is still kind of jacked, but feeling somewhat better....

Also, to preserve another kind of streak, to get some fabulous running advice, you should check this out.



Nitmos said…
You should definitely start a running streak. I, for one, enjoy reading about the pain and torment others go through to slavishly follow personal goals.

Boom! Outta here.

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