Day 512 - Ultra is done!

I so very much appreciate the wisdom of readers.  As Monsieur Feet Meet Street suggested, (Nitmos is French right?  ;)  since my currently desired ultra distance is fifty miles, my finish time (based on the pitiful amounts I've been running lately) for the race is ....fifty days!  Woo hoo!  Scratch that ultra thing off the list for sure.  

I think if I'm going to make the official race cutoff time, I may have to pick up the pace a little...

So I was supposed to start the pre-ultra bulid up to the real ultra plan plan on Monday, then Tuesday, which means it is now Wednesday.  At some point I'm going to start.  The difficulty in the starting is if it happens then I will probably try and finish.  I know, I know, try not, do or do not...yada yada  errr yoda yoda...

Also grats to Adam over at A Marathon of Misadventures on reaching 500 days of streak running!  Plus a whole bunch of miles and rather long races!   

 (I wonder if anyone is doing actual "streaking" streak running?  Now that would be impressive!   Maybe...)  

1.0 in 11:04


joyRuN said…
Congrats on your ultra?

I haven't had the urge to train/sign up for an ultra, fortunately. But at this point, I can't even run more than 1/2 mile ;)

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