Day 513-514 I own the night, no really

Hey I remembered how to run farther than a mile!  Apparently though, some people have not heard about the fact that I own the night.  This means I'm supposed to be the only person running through my neighborhood at 11:15 pm.  ESPECIALLY the uber-sprinting guy/runner/ninja who came up behind me and scared the holy hand grenade out of me last night.  Didn't even hear him coming.  I would like to pretend that my reaction was one of an instant and spontaneous martial arts-based lethal unarmed response, which due to my cat-like reflexes I was able to restrain at the last second, moments before ending this guy's life.  However it was actually more like, "AIGHAER!  What the?  Who ?  Why? Did I just mess myself?"  accompanied by a six foot jump off the sidewalk.  This was then followed by improper angry thoughts of "Why can't you make more NOISE when you run?!?  You know, like the scraping, dragging waddle I engage in!  How rude.  And do you have to run that fast?  Up the stinkin' hill!  Seriously!!"

So everyone in my neighborhood, please no more running after 11pm.  Dodging the loitering skate boarders, roaming rabid dogs, and free wheeling semi-trucks is enough.  (By the way, where was that guy in January when it was -25 degrees?  You need to EARN your 11:15 pm running rights, buddy!)

As a side note, go over and encourage Mr. Half-fast who is starting a running streak.  My prediction is that he will hit thirty days and realize that stopping would mean the streak is over.  Can't waste those thirty days of fun!!   Just think, for those of you starting streaks today, you're only 100,000 streak miles behind the Raven.

Finally, I have to share this video.  I've been pondering doing the ultra-thang,  mostly 'cus it seems really stupid and rather insane.  This vid covers some ultra experiences this guy put together, and they are simply put, INCREDIBLE.  Be warned, this may cause you to want to try did me.

513 4.5 in 49:56
514 1.0 in 110:06


Vava said…
ha! Love the holy hand grenade reference!
try running said…
Hmmm, for those of us that still put 12 and 13 mile runs in the "Long Run" category, It takes a video with a generous helping of POD style/flare to convince us that running 30+ miles in the snow and jungle is a good idea...

Oh, and those 55 mile weeks won't get in the way...Marathon training or piles of cash for you...It's a no brainer. I have my priorities in line.
joyRuN said…
LMAO!! I'm a jittery chicken$h*t running around in the dark :)
Marcy said…
I just saw this vid over at Kristina's. It's freakin amazing! Some of the views . . . *sigh*

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