Days 489-492 Sheer Stupidity

Right so I wanted to keep my marathon race report positive, and thus I left out one little detail.  I came out of it with some kind of knee injury.  Its not like catastrophic, but it has resulted in swollenness and some moderately excruciating pain when moving.  The swelling had gone down a bit after a couple of days and I thought it might be getting better, but the pain has persisted til now, and thus I'm afraid I'll have to do a doctor visit.  Needless to say the running has been ridiculous.  I would describe it as a combination of limping, waddling, wincing, grunting, and moaning.  In short it is sheer and utter stupidity to be running right now.   Teh wifey ran with me on the first day so she can attest to the fact that it still technically is running, but it now is pretty much against all rational advice ("stop if it hurts" "get some rest" "take a break" etc.)

The day after the marathon was honestly probably the second worst of the streak so far.  The first was when I was running with a back muscle strain.  Honestly I'm not sure exactly why I am still running other than I had decided to do the streak for one more year.  And it has become difficult to think about stopping.  Here's praying that this thing can be healed normally, and isn't major.

489 - 1 mile in 13:42
490 - 1 mile in 12:55
491 - 1 mile in 13:32
492 - 1 mile in 12:24


X-Country2 said…
I'm late to the race report, but CONGRATS!!!

Bummer about the knee. Hopefully it's just sore and not injured. Maybe? Stay smart with the streak. :o)
Vava said…
Man, good luck with that knee. Keep those daily miles nice and slow, stretch right after (quads, hams, calves, ITB) and then Ice!

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