Day 515-517 A Meditation on Commenting

Are you like me?  Do you like the comments?  Does it feed your urge to blog?  Does it help get you out the door at times?  Do you dream about the "high" of getting a new comment?  Have you been diagnosed with full-blown addiction? 

I'm not probably to those levels, but it is fun to receive them.  I tend to analyze these things, as I do most parts of my life and so I ask questions.  Why do people comment?  Why do I comment on other people's blogs?  Is it only in hopes that they might comment back?  Am I completely self-serving in my commenting practices, or am I travelling along the high road of altruistic friendship and encouragement to individuals who have communicated insight and meaning to me through their writing?  Does it matter that we've never met in the "meat world"? 

I don't have answers to all those questions, but I think its pretty sweet that a few of you have gone out of your way to give encouragement and post your witty hilarity on this site.  
Thus I wanted to say thanks in a unique way.  I do love the animoto action and thus for everyone that I could remember that has ever left a comment, or a link to this site, I went to YOUR sites, scraped a few photos and made this.....

Thanks for the words, they truly mean a lot!  (Sorry for the sappiness....I need to go cry in my half double decaffeinated half-caf, with a twist of lemon now...and watch rugby to balance it out.)

p.s. Some of you don't post many photos so I had to be creative. 

p.p.s. I tried to find some moments of "triumph", though for some of you, those clearly are not running related...  :)

515 1.0 in 10:42
516 6.0 in 66:04
517 1.0 in 12:02


Linnea said…
YOU are in BIG trouble. I believe your EXACT words are, "thus for everyone that I could remember that has ever left a comment, or a link to this site," so..

despite knowing me for 26 years

despite me reading this blog since the beginning

despite that I have commented MORE than a few times

despite that I have watched your children so you could go run

and that despite the fact that I FLEW to Colorado from North Dakota during the BUSIEST time of the year at work to RUN WITH YOU

I am forgotten.

And CURIOUSLY ENOUGH my word verification word is RUDES. Even the internet is abashed at your contempt of my existence, support, undying love, and if I don't say so myself, LOVELY comments.

Linnea said…
Also, perhaps someone with a little extra time on their hands would like to point out who was the FIRST person to post on this blog. I believe that they may want to start in February of 2008. Hmmm.... what a curious question posed by the sister of the writer of The Longest Run. So interesting, really.
joyRuN said…
Ooooooh, Ace. You are in deep doo-doo with yo' sister! You better quick put up a collage for her, my friend!

Love love love the animoto. I think Marcy's really gonna {heart} how often Dr. Nic is featured in there ;)
try running said…
how could you not enjoy a good animoto slideshow?

Even though you don't put up pictures of yourself triumphing over races, long runs, etc... I wanted to let the internet world know that...

There is video.
I have seen it. Ace, the legend, crossing the finish line of his first marathon. Let the people's cry for this video post be heard!
Linnea said…
It is true. I demand a photo montage of ONLY my amazing brother including the amazing marathon finish photos to be put up in my honor. This is true and just.
Marcy said…
Awwwhhh this was such a cute vid! I loved it! Except for the one miss with the sis LOL YIKES!
Nitmos said…
I have a tear...of laughter for you forgetting your sister. Awesome.

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