Day 521-526 - Streakrun Theater

Doctor, my knee hurts when I run.

Then don't run.

Thus sums up my visit to the doctor. Sort of. Let me try again.

Doctor, my knee hurts when I run.

OK sit on this table and extend your knee.

Ace extends his knee.


Wow yeah there is some serious swelling there. Why don't you
extend your other knee, to compare.


Uhh wow does that one hurt too?

Right so I've been ordered onto four weeks of physical therapy. I'm not sure exactly how that will help. But someone's gotta make money in this health care system. I did ask about the whole running thing (though I managed to avoid mentioning the run every day thing.) The response was, "You should stop running. If you don't, it will take a lot longer to heal." To my streak running ears this sounded more like, "if you are a pitiful whiny wimp then yeah stop running. Otherwise get out of here and get some miles in already!" Right.

Then there is the actual running. As long as I do one mile, there really is no pain. Doing more than one mile = pain starts. Doing anything more than a few miles results in pain during the run and limping the next day.

Gonna have to get this figured out. My cynicism about the whole thing is probably showing through. Ultra is out. Marathon take two is out. Bleh.

Hey have a happy, wonderful, feel good day!

Actually there are much worse things than some mild knee pain. I just have a "flair"? for the dramatic....

521 1.0 in 11:10
522 1.0 in 11:32
523 1.0 in 10:32
524 1.0 in 10:22
525 1.0 in 10:55
526 2.35 in 26:14


nwgdc said…
Yep. Sounds like our health care system at its best!
General Practice doctors are pretty much helpless with ths kind of injury. SEE A SPECIALIST before dropping money on the PT.
try running said…
hmmm. I bet that the doctor would give two enthusiastic thumbs up to you relaxing in that basement office chair and firing up that Premiere...

The fingers crossed hasn't helped at all, you're right. I have found that if I put on running clothes and walk out the door and start my stopwatch, I start running and next thing I know, it's time to stop. I guess the moral of the story is that there is nothing you can't do if you have a slap chop. The end.
Linnea said…
Hey! Before you go to the physical therapist, I'll ask my friend who is a physical therapist what the best thing to do is... she gave me some good exercises for knee stuff. I bet they are the same. I love working out with someone who is not only a physical therapist but also my accountability! Good times.
Vava said…
Man, hope that knee thing heals up quick. Whever my knee acts up it usually means I have ignored my hip flexors and ass muscles to the point that they've gotten too weak. Hope the physio helps and that you are not simply treated as "billable hours" (a past and bitter experience for me).

All the best!
X-Country2 said…
Some days I really think I could be a doctor. How hard can it be?

Good luck with a speedy recovery.
try running said…
You should have filmed yourself playing the different roles...

I'm sure that all us streak run followers would have enjoyed the theatre.

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