Day 561-563 High Voltage

Thanks for all your comments and support of late. I'll have to admit I was sporting a little 'tude in the last post.

I am going to physical therapy, and honestly the knee feels fine and recovered well from the 7 miler a few days ago. Running a mile is totally pain free. The pt folks keep asking me if stuff hurts and none of it does, so I wonder whether I should be there and whether I'm getting my money's worth. CHALLENGE!!!! I do think the strength stuff on the muscles around the knee will help. I'm hoping all this means that it was just some overuse, and that some extended rest (one mile runs) and cross training will get things back to normal. I guess we'll see how two hours on the elliptical feels...

I have gotten the ultra out of my head a little bit. (Seriously no more hard rock news, otherwise I'm liable to go try and do a 10 mile "rehabilitative" run.) However I did buy some sweet trail running shoes a while back, that I may need to do further testing on...

p.s. Is it wrong to enjoy the electro-stim? And to keep asking them to crank it up?

Day 561 - 1.0 in 12:04
Day 562 - 1.0 in 11:45
Day 563 - 1.0 in 10:12


Moriah said…
Don't let the ultra thing get to far out of your head. I REALLY hope that we can do one together. . . someday. (I knew that you would get hooked.) (Wicked grin)
Vava said…
Sorry to hear about the knee issues, but if it's runner's knee then I'm sure you will get it fixed up with the right strengthening exercises. Don't forget about hip flexors and glutes - they are the key to in many cases.

And about Brandon Inge - OUCH!
Tom said…
electro stim?

Is that like a machine you enter flabby, and exit Bruce Lee?

I'm having visions of this:

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