Day 564-567 Look out Roger Bannister

One milers, one milers, and more one milers.

I'm trying to be positive but my PT pretty much seems like a joke. At least in the sense of, I could do all this stuff at home and not pay for it. Which sort of corresponds with my recent comments of, "hey lets cancel some of these appointments and I'll just do this stuff at home, you know, because I'm travelling and stuff." I am travelling, at some point in the indescript future. But other than the electro-stim, which I do enjoy in a sick way, there isn't much need for me actually going there.

Plus the pt guy regularly either doesn't know why I'm there or forgets what I've been doing. Last time he relented to approving of the one mile a day thing (which I told him was going to happen regardless, but he kept forgetting.) Then I come in today and he initially gives me a hard time for running one mile. Then he suggests again that I do one mile a day, at which I remind him that I've been doing one mile / day for two months now mostly pain free. His response? "Why are you here again?" Uhhh yeah. Then by the end of the session he's suggesting I do three miles a day. OK yeah. I've been doing seven miles/week and you want me to jump directly to 21 miles/week? Uhh right.

Next time I'm just going to tell him that my elbow has been giving me fits...

Enough of the hospital-drama.

Honestly, who DOESN'T want to do this?

Sign me up.

564 1.0 in 8:46
565 1.0 in 10:42
566 1.0 in 9:12
567 1.0 in 10:18


Moriah said…
Me, me. Oh, please, pick me!!!
Nitmos said…
Tell him your hand hurts...from writing checks to him for NOTHING. If it is the same repetitive exercises, why go to the p.t.?
joyRuN said…
I think that's why my chiro won't give me exercises - he's afraid he'd become redundant (so I just stopped going).

Electrostim would keep me coming back though :)

Nice pace on day 564!
try running said…
when you finally get that ultra scheduled in, sign me up as a pacer. I'll hold the video camera for 20 or 30 miles. And a backpack with cans of pork and beans, or whatever you need.
X-Country2 said…
Your PT sounds like a numscall. Good luck with the recovery!
Vava said…
Looks like that race is more mountain climbing and glacier scaling than running - nuts!
Linnea said…
This is the postest with the mostest.

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