I love stats. I love the excel spreadsheets. OK that isn't really true. I like them when I'm looking at my running stats. However I especially DON'T like them when I'm looking at my running stats and it shows the stats going down the toilet. /insertflushingtoiletsound.

I've been taking it easy to try and let the knee heal. Mostly one milers, really for the last two months. The knee does not hurt when I run one milers, and do most everything else. This is good for the knee. This is bad for the stats. One of my goals was to hit 1000 miles for the year, and the projections had me at the high point, reaching 1050. Unfortunately the recovery months have reduced that to 878 miles currently. Bleh. Hopefully the rest helps. I've started gradually increasing the mileage, I'm trying some exercises and stretches and yes I will probably give the PT scam artists a call. The five miler over the weekend in the down pour of rain felt pretty good. Time, and a few sixty mile weeks will tell, woo hoo!!! Ok that was the stats talking again. Shh stats keep it down, the knee might hear you...

Now follows the ridiculous list of running days I previously missed.

Day 532 1.0 in 11:02 Tempo Run
Day 533 1.o in 11:16 Tempo Run (/snicker)
Day 534 1.0 in 10:46 Speed work (I'm the only one laughing here, just to remind myself)
Day 535 1.0 in 12:14 I love monotony yes I do! I love monotony yes I do! I love monotony yes I do!
Day 536 1.0 in 11:04
Day 537 1.2 in 13:12 Long Run FTW!
Day 538 1.2 in 12:14 pushing the endurance here, yeah boy!
Day 539 1.2 in 12:06 Did I mention these three 1.2 runs were with Moose? In yellowstone park?
Day 540 1.0 in 10:36
Day 541 1.0 in 10:45
Day 542 1.25 in 12:56 Running with 'teh wifey' on vacation is nice
Day 543 3.5 in 36:14 Running on the mall, dodging puddles, and saying 'Hi' to Mr. Lincoln...
Day 544 1.0 in 10:56 Saying 'Hi' to the wall of the hotel fitness center which the hotel fitness center treadmill was crammed up against
Day 545 1.1 in 12:46 No one will notice that extra .1 mile right?
Day 546 1.0 in 8:12 Holy cow I'm fast! And on the same treadmill I hurt my foot on a few months ago trying to do the same stupid Navy Fitness Test!
Day 547 1.0 in 10:14 30 minutes after Day 546 at 12:15 AM
Day 548 1.0 in 10:14 Running in MT
Day 549 3.0 in 33:04 1.5 years of streak running! Woot!
Day 550 1.0 in 11:02
Day 551 5.0 in 57:04 Don't tell the knee we ran more than one mile....
Day 552 1.0 in 11:14
Day 553 1.0 in 13:54 running with my li'l dudes! They keep me smiling.


try running said…
that is some fantastic ketchup.
This better be the first of many more posts to come throughout July and the rest of the summer.

I am trying to slow down, but since (through you, or, on the rare occasion checking the blog herself, who knows?) your wife is sort of watching, I can't slack. The distance coach in her could not stand seeing a former pupil cutting corners. Seriously, I use any and all motivation that I can find, even this.

Oh, and what about the video posts? You need some. Some experimental, new age fuzzy images of you running juxtaposed to sharp focus close ups of the little dudes in extreme slow motion chanting "It takes corn to make moonshine!"

... add 1/4 cup slap chop remix, and (sham) WOW have we got a youtube viral video fo sho!
Nitmos said…
Still plenty of time to get to 1000 miles after some rest. Plus, it's your spreadsheet, you can make it say whatever you want. ;)

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