Running in the Mall

My fans have spoken, I must write again to satisfy your voracious appetites for my wondrous blogging. /endsarcasm. Two weeks of vacation and work conferences and no blogging serve as a nice distraction.

On the running front I've had the opportunity to run in some pretty neat places. A few days camping in Yellowstone Park next to Quake lake, running with the moose and elk (literally.) Then we had about a week in Washington D.C. for some vacation with the wife (no kids! was it real or did I just imagine it?).

We had some outstanding runs together in and around D.C. The best by far was an evening run on the Mall. We were headed to an evening concert by the Navy band on the steps of the Capitol. We jumped on the metro and headed down, figuring to run enough to get one mile and then sit and listen to the music. Well as we got off the train and headed for the escalators heading up we noticed a huge crowd standing at the base of the stairs. Then I noticed the rain. It looked more like a flood was pouring through the opening into the subway station. There was quite the crowd there waiting for the cessation of precipitation. However for 'teh wifey' and I this was just an invitation. We ran up the escalator and out into the deluge. It was amazing. Running on the mall is fun enough, plenty of stuff to look at, plenty of runners to look at, plenty of STRANGE runners to look at, plenty of bemused tourists to run around, and in this case plenty of massive puddles to jump around and over and sometimes just for fun, in. The rain gradually abated as we ran to the capitol, figured out the concert was cancelled and talk to some Brits who were in shock and awe of the immense rain that had just occurred. With the concert off the schedule we decided to extend the run and proceed down the length of the mall from the Capitol to the Lincoln memorial. Fun times. Monuments at night, getting drenched, blood red sunset action, rangers clearing numerous immense trees that had been sheared off by lightning, running with 'teh wifey'. Good stuff maynard.

More running updates and blog comments to come!


try running said…
Hmmm. Hopefully this means that the knee is behaving itself and healing nicely. Just in time for that 50 miler you were talking about.

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