Day 569-593 Summarization (in Cajun Man Voice)

Hey there, running fiends. Hope you're having a nice sweaty run right now (you know, WHILE you read this amazing blog.) I have had some crazy running experinces this summer. There has been quite a variety of adventures, including everything from running in the woods of Montana and dodging moose to running the Mall in D.C. and dodging rain deluges to dodging gamblers on the summertime strip in Vegas to running rocky trails at 12,500 feet in Rocky Mountain National Park and dodging Elk to running amongst the tall corn of Iowa and dodging...well, you know. Its been nice to break the monotony of Colorado suburbia runs.

The knee is feeling better. I've kicked the PT to the curb half way through (still doing exercises!) And I'm searching for that next motivational running goal to keep me going. Motivation sounds like a good theme for a while. There are some days in this streak thing where it feels like a Herculean effort just to look in the general direction of my running shoes. Thankfully 'teh wifey' usually intercedes in those moments and gives me the cheery, loving, "You can do it honey!" which usually helps tremendously. If that doesn't work she moves in the direction of "don't make me beat you" (just kidding, its all positivity, I promise, no I would never mention those things, PLEASE NO NOT AGAIN!)

What helps you get out the door? I might steal some ideas...

For the reading pleasure of all those streak run auditors out there:
Day 593 4.0 in 38:58 longest run with no pain since the marathon
Day 592 1.1 in 12:30
Day 591 1.0 in 11:04
Day 591 1.0 in 11:44
Day 590 1.0 in 13:12
Day 589 3.5 in 35:36 Starting at the Continental Divide, in a snow storm, through a herd of Elk!
Day 588 2.8 in 29:06 Lake Nanita here we come!
Day 587 1.0 in 13:14
Day 586 1.0 in 11:05
Day 585 1.0 in 10:45
Day 584 1.0 in 11:05
Day 583 2.35 in 25:14
Day 582 1.1 in 13:04
Day 581 2.0 in 22:14 Could they extend casino Air Conditioning to the 125 degree streets? Please?
Day 580 1.0 in 11:05
Day 579 1.6 in 18:12
Day 578 1.1 in 11:15
Day 577 1.8 20:12 100 degrees at 10:00 pm. Viva Las Vegas!
Day 576 1.4 16:15
Day 575 1.0 10:45
Day 574 3.3 36:19 The Ghost of Possums Past...
Day 573 1.0 12:04
Day 572 2.0 22:45
Day 571 1.1 12:04
Day 570 1.1 12:05
Day 569 1.0 10:00


joyRuN said…
Kudos to you for keeping on with the streak with the traveling and this heat!

Makes me almost want to attempt one myself, except mine would last less than a week, not an AWESOME 593 days!!
X-Country2 said…
Those numbers are so crazy every time you post them. Awesome job!

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