Day 600 et al (596-603) and Fancy Ketchup!

Day 600. I'm not sure how exactly to celebrate hitting 600 days, but I feel I should somehow. My intention was to run six miles on day 600, but somehow I mixed up which day it was. Ha. I think my only choice then is to go geek and give statistical analysis. Tune out now if you don't like spreadsheets and mileage numbers. 600 days down and 131 days to go. Seems strange to think about. Generally my memory is restricted to: right now, two or three minutes ago, and things I liked when I was seventeen. Maybe that is a good thing...

p.s. I changed the blog address. It is now The old address should work for who knows how long. I wanted to make sure all the "naturalists" who also like to run could find the site more easily. :)

Year 1
Total Mileage: 800.01
Total Average miles: 2.186
Total Average time: 24:19
Total Average pace (Minutes/mile) : 11:07

Year 2 (through 8/26)
Total Mileage: 520.05
Total Average miles: 2.25
Total Average time: 25:49
Total Average pace (Minutes/mile) : 11:28

Overall Streak Totals
Total Mileage: 1320.06
Total Average miles: 2.199
Total Average time: 24:38
Total Average pace (Minutes/mile) : 11:11

(the break in the middle is from the two days at the end of '08 that didn't constitute a whole week)

596 - 1.0 in 10:42
597 - 1.0 in 12:02
598 - 2.35 in 24:02
599 - 1.0 in 11:3
600 - 2.1 in 22:35
601 - 1.0 in 11:42
602 - 6.0 in 71:45
603 - 1.0 in 10:12


Moriah said…
We are all so proud of you. There are three monsters who see you as their hero. There is no one better. I like you, too.
Tom said…
Are you using a custom spreadsheet, or some program for tracking your stats?
My napkin is almost covered on both sides now, so I should probably move my data to something else...
Tom said…
oh, also congrats on elevating to a real domain! doesn't resolve properly though. You're going to lose some geek cred if you don't get that fixed. ;)
try running said…
Awesome. I love the graphs. There isn't a lot that is more satisfying during the training than looking at various graphs. Seeing the consistency and the sheer volume of cumulative running. I definitely think that it is fun. Especially when the long run distance keeps increasing, and the graphs have to get larger to accommodate it.

Thanks again. The little guy is out on the track, getting some 400's in right now. I told him not to come home until he got at least 12 in at his 5k pace. Being a week old now, his endurance is really improving.
Ace said…
@Moriah - You leave the best comments ever.

@Tom - I put the stinkin' ANAME records in like three times now! argh.

@try running - better be careful he might start challenging your times...

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