Day 604-605 Leading the parade

11:45pm and I haven't run yet. Seriously. How many times am I going to do this? I need data plotting the actual times of my runs. The vast majority have occurred after 8pm, and I think probably thirty-forty have been after 11pm. This all originally started way back when I started this running thing. I was absolutely fed up with being soooooooo out of shape. So one day I got up off the couch, set down the Mountain Dew I.V. and started walking up and down the stairs in our house. I just went up and down the stairs like fifty times. My family thought I had lost my mind. It was a near death experience. So the next day I picked something else. I decided to run. I knew however that this experience might be a little bit less than aesthetically pleasing to those unfortunate enough to catch a glimpse of it, plus I was planning to live next to these neighbors long term, (who we actually talk to) so I decided I didn't really want to share the image of me waddling with them. Solution? Black hat, black sweatpants, black sweatshirt, black gloves; run at 10:30 pm. I figured I might get picked up for burglary, (Which almost happened, though I'm not sure I ever blogged about it, go figure.) but I thought that if I was stealthy enough, no one could stop and laugh.

Things are much different now. I have run during the daylight. I have run on crowded streets. I have even run shirtless (admittedly it was well after dusk, though there was just a trickle of light coming over Pike's Peak and someone MAY have seen me.) I am sharing my running with the world. You're so welcome, world! At least when I don't procrastinate until the last possible second.

604 1.4 in 15:01
605 2.6 in 26.13


Unknown said…
I was doing a google search for shirtless ninja's and I found this. Now I must run!
Chris said…
I give you a lot of credit to have the perseverance to still go out and run after 11pm. I've only had to do it once or twice. Good for you keeping the steak going.

@Trahern - that is one of the funniest comments. Love it.
joyRuN said…
You'd think I could run my street after I put the kids to bed & start my own streak - it'd be one mile total.

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