Day 606-607 1+1 = None

So I think/hope/am holding my breath that the domain nonsesne with 1and1 (my domain provider) is over. For most of the last couple of days the awe-inspiring/life saving/federal deficit eliminating content of The Longest Run was unavailable as I kept trying illogical combinations of settings to make the forwarding work with AND I would find one combination that would work and then three hours later it would not work. Nonsense. Meanwhile, as I looked for solutions and found that apparently would appear to be the most reviled domain and hosting provider that has ever existed. Good thing they only have legal rights to my left kidney.

Running is going along. There is talk of signing up for another marathon, which would then serve as a training run for an ultra in February. I find all of this talk to be even more nonsense. The more likely scenario is that I sit on the couch and chug quarts of nine day old coagulated cheese spread. (Wait, was that an unpleasant visual? Replace cheese with chunky country gravy. There. Better.)

Keep on rocking and running. Just keep in mind I have no plans on listening to my own advice.


606 1.0 in 10:13
607 1.0 in 12:55


Moriah said…
You may not have "plans" to act on your "plans," but I know someone who has "plans" for you to act on your "plans." And I seem to remember a signature and some strong encouragement. . . Now it is my turn! :)
joyRuN said…
That thing about your domain stuff sounds not fun. Make sure you don't sell your right kidney next time :)

Hmmmm.... a marathon as training for an ultra - doesn't sound like nonsense if there are signatures involved?
try running said…
Let me tell ya, I was one of those streakrun followers that was panicky/had cold sweats/skyrocketing blood pressure wondering what was up with the

Not cool. For all I knew, you had trashed the site and running in general to take up ultra-rollerblading instead.

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