Day 623 Comparisons

In two hours and twelve minutes, Tim Parr can run to the top of Pikes Peak.

In two hours and eighteen minutes, this guy runs eighteen miles. (Though I don't think it was in this suit...)

In two hours and three minutes Haile Gebreselassie runs a marathon.

Me? I run twelve miles in two hours and eighteen minutes and think I'm pretty hawtsawss.

Simply put, being slow stinks. I think to better help my rationalization I should no longer report runs in actual mileage, but only use time. It sounds better that way.

I did have one of those classic moments during the run. On the way out, running on a sparsely populated dirt road a truck passed me. The passengers looked at me as if I was crazy to be running in the middle of nowhere and slowly passed, as if pondering whether to ask me if I needed rescue. Then an hour or so later as I was coming back the other way, the same truck passed me again! Now suddenly my crazy runner uberness goes up a notch, as the passengers of the truck recognize me and realize I've been running for all this time. The slack-jawed kid in the back was the icing on the cake.

623 12.0 in 2:18:04


Moriah said…
I know that you ARE hawtsawss. Even if you doubt it every now and then. :)
Chris said…
Don't ever be ashamed of your times - you are still faster than the millions of people who would never even consider running, let alone running 12 miles.
joyRuN said…
I need to take a serious lesson from you & stop being so down on my pace - I wanna feel like hawtsawss too!!

Damn good job on your 12 :)
Linnea said…
This makes my half PR look like I did the crab walk the whole way.

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