Day 634-637 - Mayor's Cup Challenge 2009 aka The Sweet Taste of Glory

Well the day has come and gone. The screaming fans have returned to their homes, and the city sanitation department is working to clean up the after party. The Mayor's Cup 5-k has been completed.

There were a few disappointments. Unlike when I did it four years ago, the mayor didn't give an unintelligible speech that was shouted down by runners in the back of the pack who wanted to start running. I was really looking forward to that...There was the obnoxious little ten year old punk who started sprinting at the very end, knowing that if I tripped him at that point there would be witnesses...The fact that they didn't let me give an acceptance speech was also a little disappointing, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

The race was great. Beautiful weather. Everything felt great. My partner in crime, ran an awesome first ever 5-k with me in 29:42. Talk about an impressive accomplishment! Hopefully he sticks with it and signs up for the next race! There is talk of a running streak (not my idea!) which would be kewl as well...

When I was warming up for the race, teh wifey reminded me that I needed to maintain tradition and bring home the hardware in this race. In '06 when I ran it I won a sweet AG award (I took third). You know, due to the fact there were only three runners in my age group. Well to end the torturous suspense that I know you're feeling right now, let me just tell you, I took third place AGAIN! Oh yeah. The pro running scouts are so checking me out right now. Endorsements, shoe contracts, fan clubs, I expect all of this later today. How did this amazing feat get accomplished by yours truly?

By some miracle, there were only three people in my age group AGAIN!

I was notified that I have to pick up my "award" at the local running store. I personally am hoping for a check, cash, Godfather's Pizza gift certificates, or other equivalent compensation. I am expecting the same generic "you didn't win" ribbon I got last time and that I got on fifth grade field day many years ago.

Good times.

634 1.0 in 8:40 (I was jazzed for the race!)
635 3.1 in 29:42
636 1.0 in 11:32
637 1.0 in 11:54 I think according to the plan this was supposed to be 14 miles... whoops.


Moriah said…
Some days the victory cannot be measured in hardware, times, or even miles. Some days, the victories are less quantifiable and more lasting. I love you for the victories that cannot be measured and that need not be. You have "won" so much more.
Razz said…
Godfather's? Hork!

Thanks for the advice on being "That Guy". It may just happen.

Grandmother's Trunk anyone?
joyRuN said…
CONGRATS on the AG!!!

So what did you win?

I have no hope of getting an AG around here. Peeps around here like to run, and run FAST. BAH.

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