Day 640-641 Goal setting

My goals for tomorrow's race in order of degree of achievability (going from most likely to not a chance):

1) Make it far enough along the course that they can recover my corpse
2) Finish
3) Finish in less than three hours
4) Finish with no chafing, sunburn, mangled feet, or permanent injury
5) Finish in less than 2:30
6) Not get chicked by anyone aged nine or under.
7) Sprout wings and fly to the finish
8) Have fun running. (HAHAHAHAHAHA yeah that one's pretty absurd)

Despite my whining, we're gonna give it a go and have fun with it.

This one's for you G.E.!

640 1.0 in 10:42
641 1.0 in 10:32


joyRuN said…
Good luck! Can't wait to hear how it goes :)

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