Day 644 and Day 1

Cheesy motivational quote of the day: check.

Today is day one. Day one of the work towards a new goal.

Throwing out ridiculous goals into public view is always a bit risky. You might not make it. You might quit. You might get hurt. Stuff might happen to get in the way. BUT. If you don't risk something, its hard to achieve anything. So here goes.

Its time to start working towards some Rocky Raccoon action! Not the Beatles song. The fifty mile ultramarathon.

I'm so ready for this (/snicker at self)! I've got my uber-scientific, automatically generated training plan, which said yesterday I was supposed to run exactly zero miles. Yeah! I like this plan. Unfortunately there is still the whole running streak, so I did run one mile. I've got my race report links to read over and over to see how much fun puking during the race, and tripping over roots, and getting blisters the size of a Hyundai Accent can be. Plus, I've always got Vince to get me through the rough spots. My running mantra? I'm gonna run fifty miles, one slap at a time...

So hopefully in eighteen weeks I will have another race report to share, some new memories to cherish, and another goal accomplished.

Of course then, it will be also time to start something new again. What are you starting today?

Day 644 1.0 in 10:52


joyRuN said…
WOW. Color me IMPRESSED! I haven't even been near tempted to bite the ultra.
Linnea said…
I am fighting and trying hard to resist the urge to delude my mind into thinking I could even possibly dream about doing this with you. But I'm you. So. This is difficult. I think I'll just go running tonight and then laugh myself to sleep thinking of how I stumbled through three miles.
Chris said…
50 mile Ultra - that is awesome. I'll be rooting for you.
Hey there! I'm also in half fast's football pool (Oreo double stuff).

NICE! I've toyed around with this as well. Good luck with the training / streak

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