Day 645-646 Go Crazy

"When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained."
Mark Twain

Today I feel like I'm going crazy. Or perhaps I just realize I've already gone crazy and everyone else has known this for some time.

Crazy is ok methinks, generally speaking. Crazy is good when it allows you to break out of the norm or the expected or even your own thoughts which are preventing you from achieving some goals. I think every now and then we need a little craziness to seize us and shake us loose from mediocrity, or bad habits, or maybe just the rut we find ourselves in. I saw an article in Yahoo News (that I can't find the link too argh!) that suggested the bizarre/absurd/crazy things in life also cause us to think more clearly and concentrate better as well. Even more fuel on the crazy bonfire.

My other crazy comes in the usual stuff of life, running, buying and selling houses, work, raising kids, buying and selling houses, more running, and also buying and selling houses. This is the good crazy stuff. That and the little yellow gnomes telling me to invest in peanut butter futures.

Day 645 2.6 in 26:42
Day 646 1.75 in 20:22


Moriah said…
I am thankful to the wise and all-knowing God of the universe, that I get to go crazy WITH you.
Nitmos said…
I like to go crazy. I live for that moment when people's laughter turns to shocked, appalled gasps. Magical moment.
try running said…
buying and selling houses. I hope that the plural "houses" means you are buying up tons of investment properties. The slow-flip is the new thang here in this economy. If you need someone to shoot video of your place so you can show it online, well, I'm that guy. And if you want, we can kill two birds with one stone and reshoot that scene with you in front of your house, stretching and taking off on run#1.

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