Day 653-658 Sick to my Stomach

I really would like to write about other things.... I would like to write about further run ins with the ghost possums which happened this weekend on a quick trip to Iowa. I would prefer to write about skpping my first workout on the ultra plan. I would much rather write about some crazy hijinks involving me getting accepted into running "sponsorship" programs (ok more to come on that later.) BUT I CAN'T!

Why? Because I'm sick. I have become physically ill. Here is the source. Mr. Try Running ran his first 2:57!!!?!?!....finishing in 16th overall!?!!?...good googly. Well done! The sickness is an ongoing joke I have with him, to further accentuate the fact that he is amazingly fast, and I am, well...I make a nice tiramisu. (Who am I kidding? I don't even make my own lunch :)

Grats to TryRunning (Boston Qualifier!) and all the other peeps having amazing runs!

653 2.0 in 22:14
654 1.90 in 20:12 (Ghost possum attack, x3!)
655 1.9 in 22:26
656 8.5 in 1:40:21 (Fall colors in the Midwest are pretty nice!)
657 1.0 in 11:12
658 1.0 in 11:50

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Strange this didn't pop into my reader.... I guess my reader is being a bit cranky.

I grew up in Iowa. Just wait until you start seeing ghost rats!

That run by TryRunning was amazing.
joyRuN said…
"Good googly"? Have you been watching too much "Maggie & the Ferocious Beast"? Love that show.
nwgdc said…
2:57. wait, WHAT? 2:57?

I hate him.

And you, for bringing it to my attention.
try running said…
Well. Thank you, sir. I appreciate the compliments. Never know what will happen, but it all just seemed to line up on Sunday.

Truth be told, if you weren't on here making the rest of us feel bad for not running everyday, well, I might still be sitting on the couch complaining about another wasted summer with no running.

Can't wait for you to fill everyone in on your lucrative endorsement deals...Seriously people, don't let him talk circles around you. It's not a POST IT!
Ace said…
@joyrun Maggie and the Ferocious beast? Never seen it! Have to go check it out :)

@nwgdc the sickening part has a whole 'nother layer doesn't it...

@adam ghost rats! If they exist it must be in Iowa...

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