Day 659-660 The Long, Cold Winter

"Every mile is two in winter." ~George Herbert

I'm not sure if George the social philosopher was talking about running, but even if he wasn't it fits. Right now it feels like this is the time where most folks in the running blahgosphere have just finished their fall marathon/half/something or other and are settling in for a nice four months by the fire. Training is drawn back, goals are things to be considered next spring, I've even seen some year in review posts. To all this I say,

"May I join you?"

No no no no NO! Wrong answer, self. You must not give in! Instead I muster all my strength, put on my hat, gloves, and four layers of clothing, puff out my chest and say,

"But it's warm inside!"

/backhanded slap across the face to self. NO! Get your backside out there, keep it padded for when you fall and go spread eagle on the ice, and START RUNNING.

Ultra training moves one step forward.

p.s. Mental note: It would help if you stopped running at midnight...

659 2.0 in 23:11
660 2.0 in 21:12


joyRuN said…
I lurve winter running. Our winter doesn't get as bitter as yours though.

Plus winter brings base training, which means I get to run as slowly as I like all the time.

Linnea said…
I just registered for a race that doesn't exist. Well, it happened last year but apparently not this year. WHAT gives! Do you want me to run in the winter or not people!


What am I supposed to do? Train for the ultramarathon?
Unknown said…
Sometimes we just can't be stopped; weather, terrain, new races...
being off for 8+ weeks now, I refuse to believe that the year is over. I am planning on squeezing an 18 week plan into about 8 or 9 weeks. Year isn't over yet! Keep plugging away
Chris said…
I love running in a fresh snow, but that doesn't happen very much in VA. I feel your pain about running in the dark and cold during the winter, but it does feel good when you finish and know that not even mother nature can keep you from running each day.

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