Day 665-666 No Signs Here

"No sane man will dance. "

Here is my new made up term of the day. Runce. Runcing is what I've decided I will be doing at every stop light I hit from now on. Runce is a combination of the words, "Run" and "Dance". Please note they are not combined because they are better together or because I'm great at both, because I can't quite DO either. However instead of trying to stretch, or jog in place, or just stand there and not look cold. I've decided I will Runce. Why waste an extra 1.2 minutes just standing there getting a quick gawk and a turn away. I say PUT ON A SHOW! Now normally since I run late at night it makes little difference since no one is there. (I did get a few honks from the two cars who saw me last night.) However I have on a few longer runs lately been out when the sun is up. Subsequently I have had a few "captive" audiences, and I say its time to perform! There are so many good reasons for this its hard to list them all. First of all, some might say my dance skills are a little bit lacking. (In fact after attending one dance in my school days, a friend of mine got asked if I was mentally retarded, foh realz). So I figure if I practice, it can't hurt right? Second, its good cross training. It breaks up the monotony of muscle use on a long run. Finally, people need a good laugh. And if I can provide it, I say Pop-Rock on! (OK there is an acknowledged risk of injury...)

What dance moves do you bust out on your runs?

For inspiration, you've probably seen these running related dancers....there is an animal theme here...

665 1.1 in 11:45
666 2.0 in 26:12 Hurt my foot, there was a lot of limping. It may have helped my dancing.


try running said…
Nice timing. I think Ace + runcing + halloween = one gigantic captive audience.

Oh, and you know what this post reminds me of? Star Wars Episode 3premiere. I think there were contests to be won while you waited for the movie to begin.
Tom said…
If you're gonna dance, you should change your running attire as well...
try running said…
My dashboard has an update from Ace that says the streak is over!
Is this true?? I don't see a new post on your page and the link says that the post/page doesn't exist???
I'm on the edge of my seat here. I hope this is all a cruel November Fool's Day joke.
Grrrrr, I too am super behind on blogs so I saw that the streak may be over. Getting caught up now so I hope that it isn't true.

BTW, at the end, didn't you mean that the limp may have helped your "Runcing"? :)

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