All Good Things...

The streak is over.
I hurt my back.
I'll be flat on my back for probably the next week at least.


nwgdc said…
Sorry to hear it!
Hope you're doing well, both the back and the non-running injuries!
joyRuN said…
Oh man! Hope you recover quickly.
try running said…

That's terrible. What a streak it has been though. Great work. Hope the back gets fixed soon!
Chris said…
Oh Man - so sorry to hear that you hurt your back. I wish you the best on a speedy recovery.
Tom said…
At least the streak ended with a bang!
He didn't mention that he hurt his back while wrestling an alligator.

The way I hear it is, he was at the zoo with his family, and a child somehow climbed into the alligator pit. Ace dove over the fence, grabbed the child and with a herculean effort, heaved him over the fence to his screaming mother. Just as the boy launched out of Ace's arms, the gator struck, and twisting like a dervish, dragged him into the swampy mess.
It was at least 30 seconds before he surfaced above the tumultuous murk. He had the gator subdued by somehow getting his shirt tied around the furious animal's jaws.
As he climbed back over the fence to the cheering crowd that had gathered, Ace's loving wife called to him. He hurried to the bottom, and as he was running over to meet her, he slipped on a banana peel, and hurt his back.

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