Day 2-4 Mmmmmm treadmills....

I realize that this blog consists of quite a menagerie of posts. If one was analyzing it, you could probably boil it down to: running stats, me talking about not liking to run, a description of some aches and pains, an occasional moment of inspiration and a bunch of complaining/whining. I don't care much for complaining/whining but I do realize I engage in it occasionally. And oh by the way, why break tradition now?

So about this hill. It makes me want to buy a treadmill. :) But I think in some part of my crazed running mind that "You will get used to this! Soon this hill will be nothing! You will become part mountain goat! You will go looking for bigger and tougher hills because this will be too easy!" Then I start running up it and those voices go away. Ha! I did do it. Today and yesterday and the day before. Its a small number, four days, but its more than zero. And I hear tale of a few others joining in the fun! Anyone else want to join the streak craze? Its sweeping the nation, one mile at a time...

Workouts: (trying the daily mile thing for a while....)

Day 2 1.44 in 13:35
Day 3 1.5 in 20:46
Day 4 1.5 in 19:06


I dunno... Treadmills are almost worse. First of all, it seems that my nipples chaff WAY worse on those.... So, there is that.
try running said…
On the daily mile thing, it says you have 0 friends. How sad.

You know what would help you make more friends?? That Canon HF S100 you've been meaning to buy. Seriously.

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