The Incident - A recap

The End of the streak.

Well despite Tom's insipiring attempt to give a noble and hilarious description of what kept me from running the other day, what actually occurred was far less inspiring.

I was up early to run the first day of the back to back weekend long runs which was supposed to be fourteen miles long. When I got out of bed, my lower back sort of cracked, but I didn't take much notice of it as I usually don't get up that early and was still half asleep. I don't normally do morning runs, but I was planning on helping a lady from church move later and this was the only time to get in. Anyway, after hauling my stuff downstairs, I bent over to reach something else to put on and BLAM! I was lying on the floor, yelling bloody murder. My back had given out and I couldn't walk or even stand up. I spent the next four hours rolling around trying to get up to no avail. Teh wifey had to call the ambulance to come and get me to take me to the ER so I could get some good drugs. I've been in bed ever since.

Four days have passed, and I am getting somewhat better, I have been able to stand up and walk to the bathroom with help. There are some oh so proud moments when you can't stand up at all...I think the pain is gradually diminishing. It is most likely muscular and similar to something that happened to me three or four years ago (before the 2nd running career started). The solution last time was to exercise faithfully and stretch faithfully and that had pretty much done it until the other day.

As far as the streak goes, it was pretty tough. I'll admit I shed a few tears and even made a final attempt to stand up and do...something, but seeing as I couldn't stand up it was a pretty ridiculous sight.

I'm sure as I look back at it, at some point I will realize that I made my initial goals and then some. 366 days were achieved, and considering the state I was in at that time, that is pretty much a miracle. I think there are a lot of lessons to be learned from all of this, many I'm sure I haven't even thought about yet. However the main reminder that emerges from this, is one that I realized very early on in this streak running thing. That is, there are no guarantees. As I started running every day I realized that on any given day something could happen to prevent me from running. I also knew it could be something totally out of my control. There is no guarantee that running at least one mile will happen tomorrow. I can prepare and plan, and set my willpower level to "hardcore" but nothing can ensure it taking place. As we all know, life is like that too. Everything we count on, everything we plan to do, everything we are hoping for, can change in an instant. There are no guarantees for tomorrow. So today, if you can, why not seize the moment and go for a run? (just remember to bend your knees already!)

I praise the Lord I had the opportunity to run for 669 days. I know its a blessing to even have the physical capability to run. I'll continue to try not to take that for granted.

p.s. Thanks for all the comments, they are greatly appreciated!

p.p.s. Do they make a 40 oz Gatorade bottle? I could've used one...


try running said…
I think I almost shed a few tears when I heard the news!
AWESOME streak! I remember a couple years ago thinking I was pretty cool when I got up to 13 or 14 days in a row, but wow. 669. Nuts.
Back when you started this streak, I was a single guy and the ink was still wet on my college diploma...much has changed in 669 days.
Congrats on the streak. You've gotta post a summery, with a list of the countries and states that the streak spanned. Every hour of the day was used, just about. Geez. Good work. So sad, but good work.

That being said, I hope you were thinking clearly and had camera rolling when the ambulance came, you know, for 50mFR b-roll.
X-Country2 said…
Oh no, Ace! That breaks my heart. You're totally right though, your accomplishment was HUGE and you should be very proud of yourself. Take care and get well soon.
Unknown said… sorry! You'll have many, many more days to keep running once you start again. Hope you feel better soon!
HappyTrails said…
Just back in town catching up on blogs - sorry to read about the "incident". Hopefully not a serious injury - we'll be watching to see how recovery is going! Congratulations on the streak too!
S & K
try running said…
any update, ace? How's the back coming along? Hopefully making huge strides.
Vava said…
An amazing streak, and a more than worthy reason for it to have to end. I hope you are feeling better!
Laurel said…
I was greatly distressed by reading this... I'm sorry about the end to this streak... but after you're better, I think you should set a new goal to beat your first streak.. :)
Hope everything is going well.

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