Day 21-23 Day or night!

Thanks for all the encouragement from folks on the last post. I like the advice of trying some "shorter" trail runs that take place in Colorado as preparation for something a bit longer. I've still been limping along with one mile runs, but there is some, get it going attitude bubbling beneath the surface.

I saw an interesting article on the whole running in the morning vs running at night issue, that has some "science" or at least scientific talking heads commenting on it. I've actually made it 50/50 so far for morning runs vs night runs. I will say lately that the stars and meteors during the night runs have been pretty entertaining.

Plus, to help you get in the holiday spirit, you should probably watch this...

21 1.0 in 12:02
22 1.0 in 11:15
23 1.0 in 12:05


Unknown said…
ACE! Why did you make me watch that u-Tube video? Blah! What's with the wiener dogs and the angels??
I just cannot run in the morning, it's against my beliefs(of rest and coziness). Interesting article though. Ugh, still thinking of that video :( !
HappyTrails said…
Ditto on that video - LOL!!! I too wondered what was with the wiener dogs. Sorry though, we mostly run mornings. And cold ones they are lately....
Hey, a mile is a mile – day or night.

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