Day 5 - The Guest Post written by Mr. Hopper!

They (they being the oh so altruistic group of "internet marketers") say that one way to drive hordes of traffic to your site is by having really popular people do guest posts. So that is what I am doing today. Today our guest post comes from a man who in his first race ever, set an age group record! He loves to run and probably will be a sprinter some day as he doesn't really understand the concept of "hold back and preserve energy." Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome the 4-5 year old age group record holder from the one mile fun run of our local running club, Mr. Hopper! (My four year old. You can guess how he got that nick name.) Mr. Hopper please go ahead.

"Who are you going to send this to?" (Everyone in the whole world on the internet.) "I want to ask the people how they are doing?" (Why do you want to do that?) "Because I don't think they have anyone to talk to. "The people who are cold and hungry. The people who never get to hear anything on the computer."

(What do you want to say to runners?) "I want to say have you been running a lot?" "I want to ask them if they have anything to sleep with." (Namely stuffed animals.) "I have a bike. A big bike. And my brother has a big bike. And my little sister just got a bike. " (What do you want to tell them about running?) "Yeah I like to run." (What do you like about running?) "I like taking new routes. Routes. ROUTES!" (breaks into song) "I like new routes, yes I do...." "Hey Dad I see a capital 'B' and a capital 'T' (breaks into song again) "Hey you runners. You should start a thing where um, you get to um, (plays with stuffed animal) you should start a new route of running like I did with my Dad. One mile, two miles, four miles, something like that. OK bye! Can we play a game now Dad?"

--End Guest Post--

There ya have it. Running advice from the four year old. Also apparently you all are cold, lonely souls who need to find a stuffed animal to sleep with. Enjoy.

1.5 in 17:35


try running said…
I bet that you really hurt your back in a competition with Mr. Hopper, trying to hop up that hill outside your home...
Chris said…
Mr. Hopper, I am doing well - thank you for asking. Yes I have been running a lot. I don't have any stuffed animals, but I do have a wife. She doesn't like it when I call her my stuffed animal. Congratulations on your bike - that is really cool. I also like running new routes - it is like an adventure.

Keep running with your dad and make him run up that hill - in a few weeks he'll love it.
joyRuN said…
Why, actually yes! I'm quite cold & hungry at the moment.

And I usually do end up with a stuffed animal somewhere in my bed courtesy to two children who insist on it :)

Sometimes I wish that I could break out into song during meetings. *Why didn't you get that donnnnne!?!?? Now we are going to miss the deeeeeeadlinnnne!
Vava said…
Nice to see you are back and onto what an only be another magnificent streak. Yay!

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