Day 6,7,8,9 - Making the switch

So I think I may have to do it. Pull the plug, rip the band-aid off, switch over to the dark side, eat the whole tub of cool whip by myself. I may need to become a morning runner. I know. How can this be you ask? No more runs at 11:45 pm? No more overnight runs? No more procrastinate until the last possible minute? Say it isn't so! Well judging by previous attempts I must say its likely I will drop morning running like a bad transmission at the first possible opportunity (like, tomorrow) but today I ran in the early morning.

The reason for this big switch? My personal sanity. I must say it is such a relief to have the darn running thing DONE for a whole day. No constant mental dialogue of "Have you run yet? Have you run yet? Have you run yet?" This is a very nice feeling. I suppose this is a good practice for any item you HAVE to do, and occasionally find undesirable, get it done FIRST and then things seem much nicer. Anyone else have "First you work and then you play...." permanently ingrained in your mind? Yeah I've pretty much rebelled against that one for quite a while....However not in this case! And thus morning running it is. At least until I put it off.

Oh and to enter the contest over at JoyRun. Here is a picture of me from a few years ago and my favorite body hair....;)


joyRuN said…

I dunno how you ran at 11:45pm - I'd be dreading it all day. Hope this morning thing works out well for you.
HappyTrails said…
You often run in a tux...?
Unknown said…
Nice high, big hair. I'm envious. What do you do with it when your run?
So sorry you have to run in the morning...blah!
Tom said…
Man! Its amazing how much you've changes since then!

The hair and gold chains are the same of course, but you hardly ever go formal anymore.
lol, NICE picture. I voted. :)

Making the switch is tough. I remember I had to make a very deliberate choice to switch. I was tired of getting up at 5:30 am Atlanta time - because it was 2:30am phoenix time!

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