210 Days to Go - Piling on

The treadmill is here.  I've run on it.  I've already decided that the best thing about having a treadmill in your house, is that if you wait until your kids are in bed, there is no dress code.  Absolutely none.  Teh wifey might chuckle at me running in my undergarments and dress socks, and it might make you throw up in your mouth just a little, but I can still do it.  Just because.  Ok enough nausea.  p.s. there will be no pics of that...yes, you're welcome.

Hey how does running this sound?  50k shouldn't be too bad, right?  Just a nice long training run in the park.  And its close to the house.  Rock on.

Sheesh, all these races, and you would think that I actually like running...


HappyTrails said…
Greenland is great Ace! You'll "love" it. If you get a wild hair, we could tour guide you around the two open spaces there some time. Between Greenland and Spruce you can pile up some good training mileage without a lot of loop de loops! Just let us know.

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