219 Days to Go - I'm not ready for my closeup.

My apologies to all.  The treadmill pics will have to wait.  This is due to the fact that the idiots/sales professionals at the store, have decided it is reasonable to wait a week to ship the thing out.  My post-flu, cough-plagued lungs are full of hate.

On another strange note, in a series of strange notes.  I am now a TV/running star.  Or at least I will be on February 1st when I make my nationwide debut.  Yeah settle back, here comes another one of these strange things that Ace talks about, that really aren't that strange when you find out what it actually is, but I blather on about them anyway.

So a while back, I gave in to the incessant calls from a TV producer who shoots pieces for a short news magazine piece  The program (usually about two minutes long) is one where they give advice to parents/family types on how to live a better life/be a better parent/not go insane and give in to the murderous thoughts you have towards your children.  Apparently the other topic they are adding is how to become an uber runner type like me.  Well sort of.  The topic in our little "episode" is something like taking time for yourself.  You know so you can retain some of your parental sanity that left the moment your first child was born.  So there are lots of shots of teh wifey (who looks amazing! says amazing things! and is generally amazing!  (for some reason they included her speaking a whole lot more than me?  go figure!?)) and myself (yeah opening shot of me I have a massive wedgie, thanks camera guy!) doing things together and with the kids and then some shots of us doing things alone.   AND THERE ARE SHOTS OF ME RUNNING!

Yes I am now a professional TV running celebrity.  I'm sure millions across the land will be inspired by the wondrous images of me, plodding down the street in front of my house, looking like I'm about to keel over and die from physical exertion.  A new nation-wide running obsession is clearly about to begin.  There is a shot of me running with teh wifey where it looks like she is smiling and enjoying the whole running thing (true) and I look like I've recently given in to a death wish, hauled myself off the couch for the first time in six months and decided to commit ritual suicide using running shoes (only a little true.)  Either that or I look amazing.

I'm not exactly sure if I always look like I'm in severe pain while I run, or the camera guy just managed to catch that magical moment.  Either way, on February 1st TV sets across the land will be able to decide for themselves.  Either way I expect the royalty checks to come pouring in.  Probably about the same time the treadmill gets here....


Moriah said…
I think that you are cute when you run, but you don't say much!! :)
Chris said…
Please post the youtube version so we can all see.
Unknown said…
Thanks, Ace, for your encouraging words. The ups and downs are all good, right? I can't wait to see your celebrity shots, you're famous!!
lol. Can't wait to see the clip. If you can't look like hell while being famous, then when CAN you look like hell?

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