221 Days to go - Hitting the Off Switch

Right. I need an edumahcation.  Apparently on my new training plan there are these things called "off days."  I have no idea what this means.  I ran two miles yesterday on an assortment of treadmills at a store, (that sales guy was getting annoyed!)  and then was told that on "off days" you're NOT supposed to run!  Whats the deal with that?  Not running seems like a very strange part of a "training plan", it will take some getting used to.  I'm not sure I like it.  :)

I also pulled the trigger on a treadmill.  Have I ever mentioned how much I hate buying things?  I think I'm turning into "grumpy old miser/man."  /cueDanaCarveyimpersonation  My buyer's regret hits even before I walk into the store.  I actually don't mind running on treadmills, and we needed one so that teh wifey can run while I am travelling for work.  That being said, buying a treadmill seems a lot like buying a mattress or a used car.  Thankfully the salesperson didn't start pulling the obnoxious sales pickup lines, or I would have had to kick him to the curb.  Literally and forcefully.  One frustrating aspect is, you're buying something that is destined to get ground into dust, its only a matter of time until it breaks.  You're just hoping that it lasts long enough to justify spending ridiculous amounts of money on it.    Then there is the whole Jekyll/Hyde routine of the salesperson that starts the second you say you will buy something.  Up to that point they love you, would do anything for you, are massaging your bunions while you run.  Then you say you'll buy something and give them your money and it changes to, "OK Thanks bye now.  Buh Bye.  See ya.  So long."  /cueDavidSpade impersonation.  Its a little unsettling.

Nevertheless we now own a treadmill.  It isn't at our house yet, but we own it.  And I plan to spend a few "off days" breaking it into bits...


Vava said…
Great! I am lucky in that I haven't the space for a treadmill, and so can avoid that annoying buyer's regret of which you speak. Enjoy your new toy!

(I do wish I had one, but am sort of happy that it's not an option at the same time.)
Linnea said…
You're right, you shouldn't have bought it. So... can you send it to me please?;-) J/K

My treadmill at work makes this funny noise every time in changes incline status. It makes me feel like I'm about to lift off. I feel all treadmills should come reequipped with this feature. Mandatory I tell you.
Unknown said…
I expect pictures of YOU using the treadmill because I just envisioned your profile pix on the head of a real person, running on the treadmill and it kind of freaked me out. Now I am scared that you really look like that plastic, happy guy! No matter, bloggers have unconditional respect for other bloggers BUT...a picture would be appreciated-of the treadmill.
hahahahha @Meg's comment. Too funny.

Hope you get a few runs before it turns to dust.
try running said…
You can't have buyer's remorse when this was probably just another free brooks perk.

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