222 Days to go - Selling out to the Man

So a while back I did something impetuous. No not sign up for a 100 mile trail ultramarathon, that is perfectly logical and thought out. No I signed up to be in the Brooks sponsored runner program. Now the idea of me, guy who hates running, stinks at running, and oh by the way owns absolutely no Brooks products, becoming a sponsored runner is pretty ri-DONK-ulous. But on a whim I filled out the web form a few months ago. I guess I thought, well, I like filling out useless web forms, why not this one? Anyway, a while back I got a contract in the mail, filled it out, and now I'm in the Brooks ID program. Weird. Mostly I just like the laugh I get when I've told people I signed a running contract with Brooks. Its kind of good for a laugh. Also good for a laugh is going over to the Brooks ID program website and reading the bios of the other people in the program. Seriously. Someone is gonna get fired. If ever something slipped through the cracks, and it is a hard to imagine thought indeed of me slipping through anything, it was me getting into the program. However! I will be thoroughly enjoying it. I can't probably do that great a job of promoting Brooks products cause I am absolutely a NON-SELLER, and I've only started using their stuff, but I do like the general idea of ID = Inspire Daily. If someone starts a running steak, HOLY COW AWESOME GO CHECK IT OUT! then that is cool. (p.s. Don't get a stress fracture ok? oh dang!) I like stealing, receiving, and regurgitating any inspiration I can get! (BTW a big Atta boy at Mr. Just finished a year of streaking! and 1460 miles to boot!) Anyway, there is the punchline to the joke, me being a professional runner. (Professional = getting some minor item of some vaguely monetary value, yeah I like to stretch :)

It is also a sign of the apocalypse.



Unknown said…
OK Ace, so you must start working on your bio and NOW! Plan a photo shoot and start working on the abs, unless they're perfect already in which case, forget the abs. Wow, I'm feeling the pressure for you buddy!
try running said…
When planning my running, I pretty much just see what you are doing, and copy that.
So I'll probably fill out the application to be on the runnersroost team...
And maybe tape my running with the same camera model you have and sign up for an ultra or something. maybe not that last one.

Good work!
The only question left to ask is... What can't Ace do??
HappyTrails said…
You are really piling on the expectations aren't you Mr Ace?!?! That is pretty darn cool, especially since it seems you are the kind of runner who could (and will) inspire others. Maybe Brooks knows what they are doing after all . . .
Chris said…
Congrats on the running sponsorship - that is really cool. We need to see photos with you all decked out in your Brooks gear.

Thanks for the atta-boy link too!
WOW! That is awesome man. I need to fill out more random forms.

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