Day 26-38 Leadville or Bust

So you may notice the garish addition to the header image. I had previously threatened to do something utterly stupid, and I have now taken the first steps. I signed up to run the Leadville 100 on August 21st-22nd, 2010.

Now I have done some stupid things in my life. Hyperlinks would not do justice to the list. However plunking down $250 to run a race of sheer torture and impossibility may jump to near the top of the list. That being said it is done. And now it is time to draw up the training plan.

I should point out that the current home page has a picture of last year's winner, Timmy Parr on the front, he finished in seventeen hours and change. The cutoff time is thirty hours at the finish, with cutoff times at each aid station. Then there is the climbing and descending 15,600 feet, with elevations ranging between 9,200 and 12,620 feet and an overall finish rate of under 50%. Other than that, I'm thinking this thing should be fairly easy. :)

Teh wifey has signed on to be the crew chief, and a few brave souls have volunteered to pace me for a while, should I even make it to the start line that is.

The overall plan right now is to do a training run marathon in Fargo in May. A fifty miler in June on trails and then the August debacle. I think this may mean I might have to run more than one mile at a time.

The streak is alive, but my support for it is waning. I'm open to sacrificing a 2nd streak goal to the needs of trying to make it 100 miles. We shall see. With the flu currently ravaging my family, the temptation to take a break may become more prominent.

There it is. My return from hiatus, and the BHAG for 2010. Looks like many of you are throwing out some big goals as well and I look forward to reading them. I also look forward to visions of gummy bears, and drinking Mountain Dew at aid stations.... Happy New Year!

Done anything stupid lately?

Streak run info, now on dailymile.


HappyTrails said…
My Goodness Ace - looks like you have your work placed before you now!!! WOW! You might start to glean some wisdom from Bob over at - he has done it and crewed it many times. Good luck in the preparation stages!
Unknown said…
Stupid? Nah, you're gutsy and ambitious but not stupid. I'm excited for you and your "training" races look fun, Fargo especially! I have a friend who ran it the year before last.
nwgdc said…
I"m really excited to follow along! I've got big dreams for a 100 miler at some the far distant future :)
Woooooooooooow. breaking the streak may totally be worth it if you can finish that 100 miler!
Vava said…
Awesome. Just awesome.
try running said…
oh ya!

That means I have to keep running...

To encourage you to run faster, I'll be running right behind you with an ipod and speakers blasting the Slap Chop remix and Achy Breaky Heart.

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