185 Days to go, 35 # to go, 1456 miles to go - All the News You Need to Know - About Ninjas!

I'm trying to squeeze as much possible information into my blog titles as possible.  My next post will have a title that will add listings of things like, how many loads of running clothes laundry have to be done before August 21st, and how many times I will wake up screaming from a nightmare about going up Hope Pass with a piano strapped on my back before the race starts.  Its a public service really.  That and its a denial of service attack on your news reader software, again another public service...

So I added up all the miles left in my training plan and realized I have 1456 miles left.  Lets forget thats almost twice the number I wound up with last year, all in the next six months or so.  Really, I'm trying to forget about it.  I'm also trying to forget about the weekly mileage numbers approaching the number of wins the Tigers had last year (more than 80, shocking isn't it?).   I think the days need to be elongated to allow my plodding self to cover that kind of distance.  Thirty - forty hours per day should do.

Thanks for the linkz from Running is Funny.  Kudos to any blog that gives extended coverage to races that involve eating doughnuts.

Also big link lovez to my sis (who also happens to be a ninja) who had a nice run in some very pleasant weather.

What did I do today to make it up Hope Pass twice?  Uhh I skipped my two mile speed workout.  Yeah me!


Linnea said…
Seriously, have you read born to run yet? You have to read born to run. It has insider details about Leadville AND running. Two things you need to know about, me thinks.

My word verification word is schpusem. Weird.
HAHAHA. Man, your sister DID look like a ninja in that picture!

Man, I'm a micro kind of a guy, there is no way that I could track the miles left in a plan, it would drive me bonkers!
Unknown said…
I want a Ninja mask too, your sista' is very cool. Do you think I would turn heads running in a mask in the Cali sunshine? Ha,ha. Now I really want one.
Run, run, run Ace. That's too many miles...

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