188 Days to go, 34.5 # to go, Winter Series 10 mile Race Report - The Victory!

I ran a "race" yesterday.  You can see a very eloquent and pictorial review of the event over here at Happy Trails.  I will say there would be a few differences between his race description and mine.  Basically any time you see Mr. Happy Trails talking about "running fast" or "keeping up with the gazelles" or "sub 7 minutes/mile pace" just replace those in your mind with "trudgingly slow"  or "getting passed by three-toed sloths" or "finish before they close the course" and you will have a pretty good picture of what went on.  OK obligatory slow guy humor out of the way.  It was a pretty fun day.  Getting to meet Mr. Happy Trails was very cool.  He is a very nice guy (how many people stick around forty minutes after their race is done just to catch the end of other peoples'  races?) and it was nice to meet him. (Next time maybe we'll meet Mrs. H.T. also!)  The other friend I was with was having some knee trouble but still managed to push through and have a great time.  And there were doughnuts.  Chocolate ones.  Chocolate Donettes to be exact.  Seriously is there any other better post-run recovery food?

I should also point out that I made my goal.  No, not a time goal, a PR goal, a feel good goal, or a have fun goal.  No.  Much more important.  I made the front page of my local running club website.  Though I don't post many pictures of myself (aesthetic reasons mostly :)) I do have a tendency to try and "spice up" any pics, running or otherwise, that I may appear in.  The local running club takes pictures and then posts some "interesting" ones on the front page after local races.  Well of course this means a challenge, namely, can I come up with a running pose that will "bring home the gold"?  Well, I finally succeeded.  Really its the small victories that count, right?

In case they for some strange reason (like a sudden cratering of their web traffic) take it down from the site.  Here is the pic for your viewing pleasure.  This is at mile 8-9ish.

Photo courtesy Tom Dewane


Unknown said…
You rock your picture!! Now THAT'S a goal! Awesome run, sounds like you had a fun time meeting Sr. Happy Trails. I can always tell you love what you're doing out there...thanks for inspiring us all!
Linnea said…
So, I forgive you for not calling me back because you were running way farther than me! And your phone seems to be finicky. I do have great news though. I won my race! I totally beat all the people behind me just like I planned, and in the snow at that! Unfortunately my time was still double that of the fastest person. Oh well. I did see someone in Vibrams though and I got totally excited EVEN while he whizzed by me. So , yeah. You HAVE TO READ BORN TO RUN. Right now. Do it. No. Stop it. Read now.
HappyTrails said…
How's it feel to be the PPRR poster man??? Maybe you'll make the front cover of the Long Run - that would be the MEGA JACKPOT! It was great fun meeting you and I was not about to leave without seeing you finish. BTW - I have a photo of you coming into the finish. If you want it, shoot me an email - happytrails88@q.com.
Also - I got signed up for Greenland 25K, so if you ever want to recon out there, let me know!
Nice! Those you didn't beat, you would certainly scare the bajezus out of!
joyRuN said…
Woohoo! You're a CELEBRITY!!

Is that your sister telling you to read Born to Run NOW?

I'd listen to her.

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