196 Days to Go, 38# to go - Climbing the Mountain

“I believe that if you set out on an adventure and you’re absolutely convinced you are going to be successful, why bother starting?” — Sir Edmund Hillary

I've got no problem with overconfidence.  Most of the time I wonder if I can make it to the finish of my next two mile run.  Thus according to the logic of dear ol' Edmund it is time to get going!  The training has been going well.  Other than the fact that I skipped a short run yesterday (shocking!).  I'm back in the twenty miles plus per week range, and I'm feeling motivated to keep grinding towards the goal.  10% weekly mileage increases, one at a time.


There are a couple of obstacles (challenges?  opportunities? Happy Fun Balls? other optimist-flavored fluffy terms?)  that are raising their ugly heads.  So lets just be blunt shall we?  Identify the enemy,  analyze its weaknesses, and then attack.  And don't forget to pack the moist towelettes.

Here they are:
     1.  Plantar Fascitis  My self-described term of endearment for this is P.F. Kang.  (As in Kang the Conqueror.)  This is my own self-diagnosis, but as far as I can read, I meet every symptom.  And I'm getting really sick of it.  Basically I've been running with pain in both heels/feet for most of the last two years, through the streak, and up to now.  The heel pain comes and goes a little bit, but I walk around at work perpetually limping and I have to keep answering questions like, "What in the world is wrong with you!?"  and "Why do you have that pained look on your face?"  and "Why are you having conversations with the office plants again?" Let me just say it doesn't really sell streak running or running in general when you are constantly dragging a leg behind you.  Thus I need to attack it (raging, Hulk style me thinks).  I thought this site, of the many I've looked at, seemed to have some good practical advice for self treatment, and defeat of the P.F. Kang mosnter.  One of the challenges associated with P.F Kang of course leads to the next item...

     2.  Lose some weight!  Since I started running, I'm down a net of 50#s.  I'm pretty happy with this, as it was one of my goals for starting to run again, but I am not satisfied.  Besides all the, if you lose X pounds you will run Y minutes/mile faster (less time running, yeah!),  and the whole ten times your body weight crashing down on your joints when you run, and hey wouldn't it be nice to not have to examine the structural integrity of every chair you plan to sit on?  I know that packing a piano on your back, doesn't help one get up and down Hope Pass two times (the highest point (12,200') on the Leadville 100 course).  So its time to get back at it, and start moving the needle down again.  I think 38 more 16oz tubs of I Can't Believe it's Not Butter would be a good start.

Its probably a little obsessive, but I remember a motivational speaker-type story from way back, where the protagonist was asked by his mentor on a regular basis,  "What did you do today, to make it possible to achieve your goal?"  I like that question.  So I'm going to start asking myself that question on a regular basis.  That and other questions like "Does all you can eat, really mean all you CAN eat?  Or perhaps something else?"  or "Why did I have to endure the emotional pain and suffering caused by Jar Jar Binks?  Why George?  Why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!?!?!"

What did you do today to achieve your goal(s)?


Unknown said…
I'm still stuck on "The Happy Fun Balls." Too funny! I enjoyed this post and I think that the more we examine what we did to make our goals happen, the easier goal setting becomes. Thanks Ace, I hope you've cut back on talking to office plants.
Chris said…
Great quote - I've got to remember that one. As for the X pounds - Y minutes faster....I read in Runners World one time that it is 2 seconds per mile per pound above your ideal weight.
HappyTrails said…
Be careful with that PF Kang monster! Don't want that thing nagging you for 100 miles. Good luck as you continue the training!
erodda said…
Lol, appreciate this post. Jar Jar indeed!
Vava said…
Dude! That plantar fasciitis is nasty. Speaking from experience, it took well over a year to finally get rid of mine (and it still creeps up now and then), and it really went away when I was forced to take 9 weeks off due to an unrelated surgery that put me on my ass. Do those exercises and strengthen your feet. And good luck!
Blah. PF is a bear (from what I've heard)

10% sounds like a really good plan. That'll get you all the way up to where you need to be for 100!!
Linnea said…
Yeah.. about those 40 lbs I put on since high school, and this ultra sugar latte I'm drinking right now, and the uber healthy rolled oat breakfast I didn't have this morning because I fell asleep last night without brushing my teeth after an argument with my husband. PAST baby, all in the past. Well... minus the 2nd half of the coffee. *chug* *chug* PAST baby, all in the past. Confidence that I will finish the marathon in under 5... .02% I am SO totally good to go! Yay Sir Edmund!

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