148 Days to Go - Whose idea was this?

No really.  Who were the ad wizards who came up with this one?  Not bright red stretch pants and turnbuckles, the whole idea of  me spending ridiculous numbers of hours running.  I'd like to find the guy who decided this was a good idea and give him a good smackdown.  Seriously.

Oh yeah.

It was me.


Can you have a fistfight with yourself?

So I'm into those 30+ mile weeks now.  I only had about four-five 30+ weeks during the approx. two years of the running streak.  And its only just beginning.  One thing I thought about but really had no tangible concept of was how LONG it takes to run forty, fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty, miles in one week.  Especially when you consider how slow I am.  I may need to get an office budget for a treadmill in my cubicle.  The corresponding sweatiness might reduce my meeting invites which would be a huge plus.  Win, win.


HappyTrails said…
Ace - you're here! We thought maybe you had entered the StreakRunner Protection Program.... Glad you are getting the miles in - are you ready for Greenland? Not far off now! Have a great, albeit apparently snow-covered, weekend!
Vava said…
Thanks for the comment! I've just read the part about the Leadville 100 in "Born to Run" and am in absolute awe. You are nuts! And I hope you make it. Definitely rooting for you to do so and finish with a smile. What a race...

The part that really stuck out was when the author wrote that the race takes place ABOVE the altitude at which airplanes pressurize their cabins. Holy crap!
Unknown said…
Gosh I know. I don 't see how or when people run in order to get that big mileage in. I have trouble with 40! It looks like some people actually do a marathon a day in some cases and I just can't fathom having the time for that but...I guess it's priorities. Like perhaps, a family and a job?! Have an excellent weekend, missed your postings, happy you're back!
try running said…
If it were easy, you wouldn't be able to make yourself do it
If you figure out how to swing the treadmill in your cube, let me know. I'm in real need of some way to squeak in more time.

Either way, congrats on the high mileage week. They get easier to complete, but finding the time never does.
Unknown said…
Thanks, I need it now :) !

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