157 Days to go - GWMA Virtual Race Report

I entered a virtual race.  Here.

Per the instructions and deadline and my overall strategy.  I am finishing last in the race.  (When they said there were prizes for the "bottom three" this is what they meant, right?)  And I am finishing last in the submission of my race report.  I am a model of consistency. Per the instructions:

"When you've finished your report (deadline 11:59pm CST March 16th, 2010)"

I am posting this with two minutes to spare.

To celebrate my thorough lastness.  I have composed this haiku for your pleasure.

     Shuffled for long hours
     Hills stink, rats no body glide
     Last place is now mine.

6.66 miles in 1:20 of hill repeats on Sunday.

(followed by 3 more miles of such ludicrousness)


Nice, way to squeak it in!
joyRuN said…
I can't decide what's worse, hill reps or intervals. Both require way more effort than I'm willing to put out.
Unknown said…
Great, honest and accurate race report...you crack me up! Way to barely make it in last pace...you have a wonderful attitude!
Moriah said…
need more postings. I miss your wit and wisdom.

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