164 Days to Go - Making Change

"Change in all things is sweet."


Have you ever thought about the strange paradox of how change is inevitable and yet in some areas it seems really hard to change?  Change is happening all around us all the time.  If you want the philosophy behind Aritstotle's viewpoint you can go check out Physics and Metaphysics (where in Physics he describes the study of nature as the study of change and all things subject to change).  Each day makes us one day older, new experiences come and go, and life keeps happening.  We couldn't avoid it even if we try.  At the same time, if you're like me (do you really love Spaceballs too?!?) you have some things about your head/life/big fat gut that you want to change.  Often they might be things about yourself, or your behavior, or your circumstances.  Now without going into the whole issue of should you change, the difficulty of enacting these changes can be at times, overwhelming.  I know what I want to change, sometimes I even try to do something about it, but then I fail, the change doesn't happen, I never make it all the way, or the change fails to stick and I revert back to the old habits.  How can things be changing all the time, just not in the ways I want it to?

"Change is inevitable, except from vending machines."  
     - Anonymous

So I'm sensing I'm leaning towards some contentment/acceptance/optimism outlook and I think my tendency would be to "complexify" it.  So instead?  I am just going to simplify.  I'm going to try again.  And I'm going to embrace the value of where I am, the trials I have been brought through, and even the value of failing. I feel that I am called to do that.  Besides, if it wasn't hard to accomplish the change, it wouldn't be quite so rewarding when the goal is achieved.  And I believe I will accomplish it...so I will try again.  Prepare to fast forward!


Vava said…
I remember once remarking to someone who was a real Star Wars buff that the Star Wars movies were actually based on Spaceballs, and really pissing him off.

It was so worth it! At least I didn't go over his helmet...
Unknown said…
This is a very thoughtful post...the value of failing is really something to think about. I have also noticed that being optimistic, content and accepting exemplify simplicity.
Thanks for your encouragement on my blog today, I needed it!
Glad to have found another streak runner in the blogosphere. I blog about my streak -- but also a bunch of other stuff -- at www.NancyShohetWest.lifes-a-streak-run.php. I'll keep following you.
Just point the ship in the direction you want to go and push full steam ahead.

"I see your schwartz is as big as mine...."
Timmy said…
Running Leadville... that should be easy after all you've run 700+ days in row. That is awesome. My record is only around 24 days. I try to take a day off a week. Anyways my email is timothyparr555@yahoo.com


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